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Duotone Black Series

The current BLACK generation is manufactured in high-quality BONDED.TECHNOLOGY. In this process, tubes and front end are “welded” using special

Duotone Boom EPX

The aluminium boom with a universal bending line for a very wide range of use. The proven, easy-to-use front end

Duotone Silver Series

All SILVER booms are made from 7075 high-tech aluminium in high-quality BONDED TECHNOLOGY. This material used predominantly in cycling gives

Gaastra Black Line

A uniquely tapered construction provides extra stiffness in the back section of the Black Line boom, making it averagely 20%

Gaastra Foxx

This boom is specifically designed for the littles ones with a thin grip diameter and a lightweight aluminium construction. The

Gaastra Green Line

All sizes of the GA Green Line are shaped in a different manner to get the best performance for your