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Duotone Outhaul Kit Universal

Completely optimised and simplified: The Outhaul Kit Universal with lightweight plastic buckle is extremely easy to install on one or

Duotone Uphaul Line Gripster

EVA-coated plastic inserts ensure a good grip and require less effort to use, especially for beginners + Adjustable on both

Duotone Uphaul Line Lifter

Uphaul with additional loop that can be attached to the harness. Simply crouch down slightly, lean backwards and stretch upwards

Duotone Uphaul Line Pro

To account for the tremendous range of different boom positions we offer 2 lengths: – S to fit Wave –

Duotone Uphaul Select

Completely new, extremely pleasant to grip uphaul. Instead of the usual webbing tube plus rubber cord construction we use a

ION Uphaul Comfort

. Maximum elasticity combined with perfect grip . Quality padding