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Duotone Boom Protector

Padded, closed boom protector to protect the board nose, especially in the event of wipe-outs.

Duotone Carbon_Xtender Platinum

The ultimate 40 cm mast extension with a high-quality, lightweight PLATINUM construction, available as an RDM or SDM version. This

Duotone EPX.Base + Powerjoint

The world’s most widely used mast base in surf centres. The original Powerjoint with high cross section guarantees maximum durability.

Duotone EPX.Base + Tendon

The one-piece mast base with central screw allows you to install and adjust the base in a matter of seconds

Duotone EPX.Cup RDM

Useful plastic cup with 3 rollers, fitting directly into each RDM mast.

Duotone EPX.XT

These solid 36 cm RDM and 42 cm SDM extensions are available for all EPX and EPX.GROM masts. Its well-known

Duotone Harness Lines Center Vario

Non-corrosive adjustable composite buckle + Buckle on both sides for maximum length adjustability + Length specific construction to always ensure

Duotone Harness Lines Fixor

Length specific construction to always ensure correct degree of swing + Low-stretch rope with 2mm high-density PU tubing for maximum