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Head Real Joy SLR Joy Pro bk/wh

499,00 299,40
The real Joy makes an all-day on-piste ski day as comfortable as powerful. It features a Wood Composite Core and HEAD's Graphene technology.

Head Ski Absolut Joy SLR wh/bk + JOY 9

The absolut Joy isn't just an ideal ski for improvers and advanced skiers. It is a timeless classic with a purist design. Regardless of terrain or skiing style, this ski performs well.

Head Ski Joy SLR Pro 127 + SLR 7.5 AC

179,00 107,40
The Joy SLR Pro is the perfect girl’s ski for beginners. Since it is lightweight and easy to handle, the

Head Ski Monster 88 TI bk/nrd + Attack 13 rd

There’s racer DNA in this ski,” says Bills. “It’s smooth, quiet, stable and ripe for a strong skier.” Testers place

Head Ski Monster SLR 2 087 + SLR 4.5 AC

164,00 98,40
The mini-Monster ski from Head offers all mountain performance and a cool graphic that will match Dad’s Monster 108 skis.

Head Ski Souphead SLR Pro + 7.5 SLR

The Souphead SLR Pro is the ski of choice that launches kids into the world of freestyle and funparks. The

Head Ski Super Joy SLR wh/bk + JOY 11

Performance is very important to you. That's why you're on the go with the super Joy. This ski performs on any terrain. The sporty, fresh design compliments your sporty riding style.

Head Ski Supershape Prestige SW MFPR bk+ PRD 14 GW 170

1.099,00 659,40
Style, performance and timeless design are the key elements of our thoroughbred Prestige for expert skiers. It is a performance

Head Ski Supershape SLR Pro + 7.5

The Supershape SLR Pro on-piste ski delivers easy handling. This means fast, easy learning. It helps kids who already know

Head Ski V-Shape V10 SW Lyt 170 + PR 11 GW Br.90[G]

649,00 389,40
As an advanced skier, head off the beaten track with the V-Shape V10. Thanks to its radius, you can also hone your skills on piste now and again.

Head Ski V-Shape V6 SW Lyt-PR + PR 11 GW Br.85[G]

The versatile V-Shape V6 masters any conditions. And it feels at home in any terrain. As an experienced skier, it will take you to the next level.

Head Ski V-Shape V8 SW Lyt-PR + PR 11 GW Br.85[G]

The V-Shape V8 is your favourite ski for easy turns on the groomed piste. Perfect for the kind of snappy edge changes advanced skiers like you love to execute.