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FACTION Candide 2.0 173

599,00 359,40
The Faction Candide 2.0 Skis are perfect for the freestyle skier who wants to take his talents out of the

FACTION Prodigy 1.0 x 158

449,00 269,40
The Prodigy 1.0X is our park ski built to help you get creative. Pop off those side-hits, blend those carves

Head Ski Caddy + Attack 13 rd

The Caddy is the weapon of choice for our medal-hungry freestyle team. A shock resistant ski, perfect for your tricks in the park. It's also piste-ready, so show them what you are made of.

Head Ski Caddy wh/or 176 + Attack 13 rd

499,00 299,40
The Caddy performs like a dune buggy. That’s another way of saying: anything goes. Its construction makes it indestructible and

Head Ski the Show + Attack 11 GW gr 154

349,00 209,40
The Show is your gateway into the world of freestyle skiing. It's a ski that turns easily, is agile and helps you keep a cool head during your first forays in the park and the half pipe.