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FACTION Candide 2.0 173

599,00 359,40
The Faction Candide 2.0 Skis are perfect for the freestyle skier who wants to take his talents out of the

FACTION Prodigy 1.0 x 158

449,00 269,40
The Prodigy 1.0X is our park ski built to help you get creative. Pop off those side-hits, blend those carves

Head AMBITION PRO Track gr/bk 180

310,00 186,00
ERA 2.0, Protective Frame Design, Integrated Tip Protector, Composite Radius Construction, Structured Surface, Woodcore Cap Construction, Black Nivylen Base.

Head Kore 87 grey + Attack 13

779,00 467,40
The perfect combination of super light weight and performance, the Kore 87 with Graphene is for those all-mountain skiers who are all about the fresh powder.

Head Kore 93 grey + Attack 13

779,00 467,40
The Kore 93 is your gateway ski to a new world of freeride adventures. It's a fun ski and you feel at home on or off piste. And thanks to its light weight, it also makes ski touring a fun experience.

Head Kore 99 grey 180 + Attack 13

779,00 467,40
If freeride is your passion, the Kore 99 will take you there. It's simply the perfect ski for your off-piste adventures in the fresh powder. Yet it is also an excellent performer on the groomed slopes.

Head Real Joy SLR Joy Pro bk/wh

499,00 299,40
The real Joy makes an all-day on-piste ski day as comfortable as powerful. It features a Wood Composite Core and HEAD's Graphene technology.

Head REBELS e-SLRD FIS SW RP WCR 14 White/Black

The FIS-approved Worldcup Rebels e-SL RP FIS is the perfect competition slalom ski for pro level speed competitors. It features

Head Ski Absolut Joy SLR wh/bk + JOY 9

The absolut Joy isn't just an ideal ski for improvers and advanced skiers. It is a timeless classic with a purist design. Regardless of terrain or skiing style, this ski performs well.

Head Ski Caddy + Attack 13 rd

The Caddy is the weapon of choice for our medal-hungry freestyle team. A shock resistant ski, perfect for your tricks in the park. It's also piste-ready, so show them what you are made of.

Head Ski Caddy wh/or 176 + Attack 13 rd

499,00 299,40
The Caddy performs like a dune buggy. That’s another way of saying: anything goes. Its construction makes it indestructible and